We produce and market videos that propel individuals, ideas, and companies to the forefront of their market.

We Are a Video Production Agency

Video. With Purpose.

Marshall Multimedia is a video production agency based in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Our experience in high-traffic online video production, video advertising and marketing, and documentaries make it possible for us to produce and market videos that propel individuals, ideas, and companies to the forefront of their market. Simply put, we create video with a purpose.

Affordable Video Really Exists or Video with ROI

Gone are the days of expensive one-and-done videos. When engaged in a project, we work with your existing marketing personnel to create a high-volume video content strategy focusing on your specific needs – sales, marketing, HR recruitment, M&A, on-boarding, e-learning, etc. Simply put, we create videos that make your business come alive.

Video + Strategy = Content Marketing  

This is where volumes of great video content is made. After  executing the strategy, a client has their own library of branded footage. So we can easily create multiple videos on a variety of subjects as  needed , increasing production value and effectiveness of future campaigns. Video has an exceptional shelf life which allows us to continue creating engaging and evergreen video content.


Eric Woodard

Eric Woodard

Owner & Producer

A graduate of NCSU’s film and literature program, Erik started his career in TV and web video content production. In early 2010, he started Marshall Multimedia to offer video services and video content strategy consulting to marketing companies as well as global brands. His recent professional passions are strategic relationships, and reseller and partner development. Outside of work you can find him traveling, drinking Belgian and Trappist beers with exotic foods, and restoring his classic truck.
Michael Bardon

Michael Bardon


Michael Bardon graduated from Western Carolina University with a BFA in Film and Television Production. He is currently employed with Marshall Multimedia as an editor. He enjoys film, art, and photography, as well as many genres of music. His favorite director is Paul Thomas Anderson.
Alex Charlton

Alex Charlton

Production Assistant

Alex Charlton graduated from East Carolina University and recently completed his hike of the AT. He came to Marshall to develop professionally while contributing value to companies and people, with his professional goal being to take lead on large content-marketing strategies. In his down time, you can find Alex hiking, backpacking or working on podcasts with friends.

Agencies. Partners.

Most agencies understand the value of video, but don’t have the resources to produce video or don’t have a business need to do it in house. Once engaged on a project, we provide video marketing best-practices and video strategies across all forms of marketing channels with tactics like organic search, paid search, pre-roll video advertising, email marketing, social media, event marketing, and traditional advertising. Simply put, agencies love partnering with us and that makes their clients love them more.


Testimonials of Our Work

Marshall Multimedia’s work is consistently professional. We have used them for dozens of videos of all types, and they have all been excellent and on point. Stephen Cannon

Owner, RFF Marketing & Design